About PodSnack MP3 player maker

The smart way to build custom audio players

PodSnack is an audio player maker that allows developers, website owners, musicians, bloggers and regular people to create and customize html MP3 players according to their specific needs. Once created, the mp3 players can be shared, embedded or downloaded for HTML websites.

PodSnack is here to eliminate the pain of creating custom audio players from scratch. The application allows you to build the most common types of players and customize virtually everything, from size and skin to colors and fonts, thus making it a great solution for web developers and freelancers.

Here's a player built with PodSnack:

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PodSnack MP3 playlists can be created and shared for free in various ways, but for a couple of sharing options there's a premium though.

What you get with PodSnack audio player maker:

  • - 100% customizable audio players
  • - 19 player templates
  • - HTML websites are supported
  • - high sound quality (bit rates up to 320kbps are supported)
  • - free unlimited hosting
  • - unlimited number of playlists
  • - wide array of publishing options
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